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FREE Social Media Wall

Social Media Walls

Social Media Walls are designed to fill an entire page with current posts from your #hashtag or @handle.  Great for conferences, weddings, birthdays, concerts, celebrations, meetings, brands or any important event.  Our Social Media Walls can be embedded on your website, mobile app or are best displayed on Giant Cloud Touch Screens!

Touch Screen Rentals

Interactive Touch Screens are the best way to showcase your Social Media Wall.  Imagine your customers and guests interacting with a 6 foot tall Giant Android Touch Screen.  If you want to provide an unforgettable experience and have customers engage your brand in a whole new way, is your answer!


Thanks to our partner, Social Media Walls are now FREE!  Simply complete our FREE Social Media Wall Builder and our team will send you a code that can be embedded on your website or mobile app.  If you have any questions please visit our FAQ section or send us an email.  We hope you enjoy your FREE Social Media Wall!

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